Advantages Of Lawn Aeration

A properly aerated lawn will have a deeper root system that needs less regular watering as there will be a higher level of retained moisture deeper into the turf away from the sun and wind that can sustain the grass during a hot or dry spell.

A well-aerated turf that is mowed frequently also promotes vigorous growth where the grass can spread quickly into previously compacted or bare batches and even start to force out weeds that prefer not to have their tops cut off!

A well-aerated, loose soil will encourage solid roots meaning you have to do less watering during hot or dry spells. You can also get lawn aeration services by visiting

Robust grassroots

The net effect of better drainage and an improved path for air and nutrients to get into the soil is that you will start to promote a much more robust, deeper root system. A compacted turf with little water absorption tends to have roots that are shallow and only grow into the top layer of the soil.

As there is little moisture stored here, they run the risk of drying out even in short periods of good weather so you will need to be vigilant and sprinkle often during the summer if you haven't aerated yet this year.

Improved grass mulching

As with the better absorption of lawn feed saving money, using a mulching lawnmower on a properly aerated lawn is a huge timesaver (fewer trips to the compost heap or tip) and can cut down on the amount of commercial lawn feed you have to use. A mulching mower finely cuts the blades of grass and instead of collecting them in a bag or bucket attached to the lawnmower, it spreads them out over the turf.

Because the pieces of sliced very finely they sit in a thin layer next to the soil and even fall into the holes created when you aerate. The microfauna and worms can easily break this mulched grass down and in doing so release nutrients back into the soil to promote the next wave of grass growth.

Mulching on a freshly aerated lawn can save you time and money and reduce the amount of chemical fertilizer you need giving you a more organic lawn.