Being Fire Safe In the Workplace

Every day, fires result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage in Toronto. They also cause serious injuries and even death. There are steps you can follow before the fire begins that can ensure your safety in the event that the fire does start.

1. Be sure to be aware of the location of fire extinguishers situated in the area you work in Toronto. You can also look for an affordable fire protection company in Toronto that protects you from hazards. 

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2. Do not take as a given all fire extinguishers within your workplace or in your building are functioning. When you visit every fire extinguisher within your workplace or building it is important to check some items. 

3. Be aware of where exits are and ensure that there's a light-up exit sign in front of the exit. Exit lights are often ignored. Most people believe that the light for exits serves only to show where the exit or stairwell is. However, it is actually another function of the exit light. 

The primary function of the exit light is that it will inform the way to exit in the event of an emergency, or when the lights are out.

4. Be aware of where the emergency lighting is situated and ensure they are working correctly. An emergency light is an equipment piece that is often overlooked. 

Have a look around your office or your building and you'll notice that in the ceiling or on the top of walls are metal boxes that have typically two light bulbs that are coming out of the boxes. They look a lot like the security lights that are typically found outside of homes. 

Check the emergency lights every year at the same time that lighting for exits and fire extinguishers are checked.