Buy Personalized cookies Online in NZ

Cookies can be enjoyed as a treat at any occasion and as a snack all year. You can offer hundreds of different cookies to your guests at events.You can also order Personalised cookies online at

These are the top five most requested flavors according to our research.

1. Chocolate Chip – This is no surprise as chocolate chips are the most popular choice. Chocolate chip cookies are made by every cookie maker and contain a delicious mix of batter and chocolate.

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2. Fortune Cookies – Fortune cookies can be used for many occasions. These sweet treats can be personalized with a message or simple sweetness.

3. Sugar Cookies – These cookies are well-known. They represent simplicity and sweetness that many people associate with cookies. Sugar cookies are easy to make and can be enjoyed as a snack at parties by children.

4. Peanut butter cookies – Peanut butter is a favorite of both children and adults. Although peanuts have been used in many recipes since the 1900s, peanut butter was not included in any cookies until the 1930s. Peanut butter cookies have been a popular choice in bakeries and shops since then.

5. Oatmeal cookie – Oatmeal cookies are still loved in our healthy society. They aren't healthy but they have less calories than other cookies.