Can Acute Illness be Life Threatening?

Acute illness is the illness that develops suddenly and lasts a short period of time. Cough, cold, fever are common examples of acute illness. Acute illness can be easily treated at home. They do not require any major medical assistance. Thus, even pharmacists can suggest the best medications for acute disease treatment. In any case, acute illness must be curd within a week or so but if it doesn’t, one must visit a family practice physician at

However, there are certain conditions in which acute illness can become life threatening. Sometimes, there are certain medical conditions that also include symptoms like fever, cough, cold, etc. Certainly, common people consider it an acute illness and so do not seek any professional help. Thus, when these symptoms last for longer they tend to visit a doctor. Sometimes such situations can already result in a development of major disease in our body. 

Similarly, there is another situation when acute illness can become life threatening. People with strong immunity handle any illness properly but they can still be a carrier and act dangerous to others, especially old age people and infants. Moreover, while one suffers any acute illness, any other person with severe health conditions may come in contact and get affected severely.