Guide on how to return a car after office hours

We catch on — sometimes you’ll need to sign up for a late or early flight. What are you able to do if you’ve got to drop the rental car off at a time the situation isn’t open and there isn’t anyone to assist you with this?


The first thing to note is that if you already know you’ll need to return the rental car at 4 a.m., for instance, you’ve got to let the rental company know. Even an equivalent rental company may have different procedures for various locations, therefore the best is to always ask them to make certain you’re ready to return the car after hours.

Here’s the policy for after-hours hire car return for a couple of rental companies:

Enterprise: after hours returns at airport locations are allowed as long as you ask the rental location beforehand.

Hertz: early or late drop-offs are allowed. You’ll be asked to park the car within the designated Hertz area and return the car keys and rental agreement within the drop box.

Avis: hire car return before or after hours is allowed but should be arranged beforehand by calling the rental office.

Main thing to recollect is to let the rental company know. This is the most important thing that you should take note, it would be best if you let them know that you are about to return the car.

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