Cholesterol Test Kits – Fight Against Cardiovascular Disease

The question is who are those that are recommended to use cholesterol test kits? Actually, anyone can take them every once in a while to check the status of their health with regards to cholesterol levels. Of course, there are people that are recommended to do this test more frequently than others.

Among them are: those that are hypertensive, have a family history of heart disease, a previous victim of a heart attack, those that are overweight, those that are over 50 years old, and those that are smokers. They are advised to monitor their blood cholesterol more frequently, hence the more frequent usage of lipid panel test kits.

Of course, there is the question whether or not cholesterol test kits are accurate. Well, for the most part, they are accurate. But they shouldn’t be solely used as evaluation for cholesterol level due to the following reasons.

First of all, not all cholesterol test kits are made equal. While most testers are made to be accurate, it is not unusual for them to create some uneven results from time to time. In addition, most cholesterol test kits only test for total cholesterol levels.

While total cholesterol is also used as a basis to test for the risk level of contracting cardiovascular diseases, this still presents an incomplete picture. Most of these testers don’t test for the levels of HDL and LDL, 2 more factors that affect the role of cholesterol on one’s health (though there are cholesterol test kits that employ HDL and LDL count).

With that said, you just can’t rely on the results of a cholesterol tester to determine if you are really at risk or not. It is still recommended that you should be tested on a medical facility that can determine your cholesterol levels. In diseases, thorough evaluation is necessary, and second and third opinions are useful in this regard.