Cleaning And Maintaining Your Roof

Your roof is the biggest portion of your home and you must keep it in good condition by conducting regular inspections and cleaning twice a year. It is recommended to do this in the fall time to ensure that your roof is prepared for colder weather, and in spring, to ensure that it has stood up to the rigors of winter.

If you've had an extensive snowfall or storm that was severe, you will need to inspect your roof following the storm. To determine what needs to be done, look at your roofing warranty as well as the homeowner's insurance. If you're unable to handle the maintenance and cleaning of your roof yourself, find the professional roof cleaners in Coffs Harbour via

If you decide you'll do the work yourself, make sure you begin working starting from the top and working your way down. Make sure your ladder is strong and sturdy. 

Also, you should have someone watching you as you work on the roof so that if something occurs, there's an emergency person on hand to assist. 

If you've recently been hit with a huge snowstorm make use of a snow rake and pull the snow away to relieve stress on the roof's structure. Don't climb up onto the roof and attempt to shovel snow off. It is possible to slide off the roof.

While cleaning, check the bird population within your home. The bird droppings have an acid content that is high. This could eat away at the roofing material.