Comparison Of Electronic Sow Feeders – Farming Equipment’s

Pigs are more sensitive than sheep, goats and other livestock and require better management. They have the advantage of a higher feed-to-meat ratio than other livestock, and a high breeding rate.

Now, we are going to discuss comparison of electronic pig feeders.

The quality and development of pigs are affected by their housing and feeding systems. This is why it is crucial for sow farmers to make use of modern equipment that will allow them to grow healthy sows and a higher return on their investment.

electronic sow feeders

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These are some of the most modern equipment for pig farming:


Gestation stall : A gestation stall is used primarily to house pregnant sows. These stalls are suitable for use in the breeding, gestation, and furrowing phases.

Weaning Stalls: These stalls are meant for newly-born piglets and have been designed to be comfortable for them.

Pig Feeders

Drinking bowl: Modern pig drinking cups are clean and prevent dust from getting into the water. They reduce fecal contamination.

Dry-wet Feeder : A dry-wet feeder has the advantage of saving feedings and being designed so that the pigs' snouts are not damaged.

Creep Feeder: It's used to provide feed for the piglets in the farrowing crate. If the mother sow does not have enough milk, they can be helpful. They are easy-to-clean and can be used to water and feed.