Difference between Automatic, Semi Automatic & Manual Capsule Filling Machine

Capsule filling machines are in great demand in pharmaceutical applications. Currently, most people prefer to take medicine in capsule form. As a result, there is a huge demand for capsules for the pharmaceutical industry.

Companies offer various types of capsule filling machines to meet the demands of pharmaceutical companies. You can also look for TES-1200 automatic capsule filler online.

Automatic, semi-automatic and manual capsule filling machines are the types of capsule filling machines which are currently the most common machines for this operation. Production speed varies depending on the model and therefore the machine is preferred depending on the desired application.

Automatic capsule filling machine

Automatic capsule filling machines have the potential to fill the entire range of gelatin capsules with powders, pellets and granules with high precision. These ingredients can be filled individually or in all possible combinations. The automatic capsule filler uses embedding technology to form a slug.

Semi-automatic capsule filling machines

These are most preferred for precision manufacturing needs in modern pharmaceutical processes. It offers a higher degree of automation with higher filling accuracy. This machine is also suitable for filling capsules of various sizes with powders, granules or pellets. The semi-automatic capsule filler has been developed according to GMP standards, which offers guaranteed durability and reliability.

Manual capsule filling machine

Manual capsule filling machines differ from automatic capsule filling machines in that they are preferred for small applications. It has the ability to open, fill and close capsules at a rate of 300 per cycle and can accommodate different capsule sizes using interchangeable parts.