Different Types Of Wheelchairs

1. Transport Wheelchairs

Lightweight and designed to accommodate transport, rather than full-time use, this wheelchair style is specifically designed to be pushed by a carer or companion. You’ll generally find chairs like these in

  • Hospitals

  • Rehabilitation centers

  • Shopping malls

  • Or, in homes when the patient only needs very occasional support

It is important to note that most transport chairs lack a large main wheel; this does mean the patient cannot self-propel themselves, should the need arise. Therefore, it would be highly recommended to get the best wheelchairs from the certified disability equipment supplier via https://www.paramobility.com.au/.

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Instead, they have a smaller set of wheels at the back. Although this may seem to limit at first, the smaller wheel size makes it easier for the person caring for the patient to push the chair stably and smoothly.

Despite how flexible and light they are, the average chair is strong enough to accommodate people weighing up to 300 pounds. Heavy-duty versions ensure that larger users have safe options available, too.

 2. Standard Manual Wheelchairs

The standard manual wheelchair is one of the most reliable and trusted versions available. This version has large back wheels allowing for self-propulsion as well as handles on the back allowing an assistant to push the chair with ease.

Some users prefer to use manual wheelchairs in place of transport chairs because of their broadly-suitable “default design.” In a pinch, this style of wheelchair will suit most people who retain at least some upper body strength.