Expert Advice On Using Fashion Agents

Due to the rapid growth of the internet and the growing rage of Western crazes in Eastern territories, and vice versa, the market for international fashion distributors and fashion agents is growing.

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The challenge of keeping up with the international demand can be extremely difficult for fashion brands and designers that are already struggling for time to stay on top of local businesses. This is why brands and designers are increasingly hiring fashion consultants to market their goods abroad for them.

Utilizing international fashion agencies will give the designer, as well as the brand an element of control over the way their products are promoted and sold. The appointment of agents is tightly controlled at a global level through the Commercial Agents Regulations that define the rules for the designer or brand and the fashion agency.

If you are appointing a designer to sell your items on behalf of your business, it is advised to sign an agency agreement in writing.

The advantage of having an agency contract established is, that if there's any dispute between the brand or designer and agents in the future conditions of the agency are laid out and are mentioned in the contract.