Find Out More About Island Hopper 25′ Giant Jump Water Trampoline

As per its name, the Island Hopper trampoline is a real giant. The water trampoline has a dimension of 25 feet, and the ability to weigh 600 pounds. Although it's not the biggest, however, the Giant Jump is capable of supporting two jumpers like an adult and two children all at once in a safe manner. 

Giant Jump is a spring-based premium water trampoline. It has one of the top bounces on this list. It is also constructed with high-quality materials that can withstand the force of your adrenaline-driven kids. The tube's exterior is constructed using a 9mm 1100 Denier PVC material that has mesh reinforcement.

Island Hopper Giant Jump 25 Water Trampoline & Waterpark

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The material is virtually tear-proof and high-performance. It has a UV-resistant coating to extend its life. It is important to note that this tube is divided into three air chambers to ensure structural stability. This arrangement also enhances the degree of security when any of these compartments suffers the possibility of leaking.

In terms of security In terms of safety, the Giant Jump water trampoline has seven D-rings designed to anchor it into the water to provide stability, two ladders and eight handles for swimmers. The springs that connect jumping pads to the frame's 25' length are protected by a safety mat to protect against injuries. 

Although this trampoline is expensive, however, the manufacturer offers 5 years without seam blow-out warranty that guarantees the quality of the product. It also comes with a 5-year warranty on the frame made of steel.