Guidance To Choose Glass Balustrade For Balcony

If you ask an expert for the top five features of luxurious home, he will definitely tell you to install glass balustrades on your multi-story balcony, or staircases. The majority of luxury and contemporary homeowners are looking for style and security. So, they opt for the frameless glass in their residences.

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 Glass balustrades for balcony

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How Do You Choose The Glass Balustrade Design?

Due to budget, quality of glass, and location of installation, there is no such thing as a perfect glass balustrades design. For a custom-designed glass balustrading style, you need to choose the right dimensions and the appropriate design.

  • Right Size

The majority of the time people do not think about the correct size, they only give preference to the gorgeous style, even though half of the designs are based on the correct dimensions of the balustrade.

In accordance with the building regulations act, staircases for domestic use must be between 115 and 220 millimeters. However, when installing it on the balconies, be sure that the railing's top should be at least 1 Meter (1000 millimeters) away from the ground.

  • Right Style

If you're trying to choose the best style for your balcony, you have two options, straight and curved. The straight balustrade is the most popular and affordable one. However, it is necessary to pay more when opting for a curved balustrade for your balcony.