Health Benefits Of Green Tea

You have likely heard about the benefits of drinking tea, particularly green tea. Tea has been popular all over the world for many thousands of years as the "longevity" drink. Tea is a part of the Camellia Sinensis plant. It can be found in black tea, which is completely oxidized, the green variety that is not oxidized, and oolong that can be partially or fully oxidized. 

Health benefits

Green Tea High with Polyphenols as well as Vitamins

The tea is harvested as young, healthy, green leaves. Then, it is gently streaming. This keeps their green color and phytonutrients potent. Tea, in general, is high in flavanols, tannins, polyphenols, and a variety of vitamins like vitamin C and vitamin P, Vitamin K, and vitamin B. You can also get more information about green tea via

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Green Tea a Great Antioxidant

Researchers from The University of California at Berkeley discovered Green tea is an effective antioxidant, which helps to reduce free radicals within the body.

Green Tea Enhances Immune Function

It is believed that the Camellia Sinensis Plant is believed as being antiviral and antibacterial*. Therefore, you can make use of the tea directly on burns and cuts as well as sunburns.

If you're trying to avoid caffeine or would like an even more potent source of green tea consider a green tea extract that can help your health in a variety of ways.