Helping A Dyslexic Child To Read In Charlotte NC

There are several methods to help dyslexic children. Some of the methods are:

Barriers of resistance

Ultimately, because reading is difficult for a dyslexic, it is necessary to push through the barriers of resistance. It is important to make reading fun and engaging. Choose age-appropriate reading material and something that captures the imagination. Pam’s Reading can also help in reading a child easily in Charlotte NC.

However, before reaching this stage, one must decide on the correct method to teach one to read. There are many methods. Some are more effective than others.

Orton-Gillingham Flashcard Method

This is a very effective approach that has turned non-readers into loyal readers. Includes use of flashcards, structured worksheets, and mnemonic chants for Initial Words. Free flashcards based on the Orton-Gillingham method. These flashcards are the building blocks of words and when freely studied they provide the child with the so-called word attack skill.

The initial words of the mnemonic chant

The original words of the mnemonic chant are very effective creations. Since each chant starts with the word to be learned, after learning the chant, it is easy to read the word.

Because chants are so easy to remember, it's very easy to build memories from readable words. This method is used for high-frequency words and homophones. After a few weeks, it is normal to see improvement.