History Of Leather NATO Straps

In this blog, you'll learn about the roots of the much-loved and respected NATO straps. For those wondering what the NATO belt is, you've probably seen one. NATO straps are made of textiles, usually nylon. They are colorful and funky and therefore very popular.

Leather NATO straps (In the Norwegian language “lr nato-rem”) can be customized according to their tastes, preferences and the style of the watch they are wearing, and last but not least, they add a certain fun to luxury watches.

lr nato-rem

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NATO belt – the story behind the name

NATO strap fits with every branded watch. Purists may have a hard time pairing the ultra-luxurious Royal Oak with a plastic bracelet, but otherwise, these sane old things are gold.

What makes things even more interesting is that the NATO belt is inherently fun and functional at the same time.

There is a long history associated with the NATO belt. You may be wondering that the "NATO" in the NATO belt refers to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, right? not true. There is no connection between the two. The term NATO originated as a shortened form of the NATO or NSN number.

The technically correct name for the NATO line is G10 or G1098. You see, in 1973 "Bracelet, watch" appeared on the British Ministry of Defense (DefStan) standard 66-15. It's also different in the sense that it doesn't have any under-over combos that recruiters would believe.