How Commercial and Residential Outdoor Lighting Works?

Commercial Outdoor Lighting – More Than Utility

Commercial outdoor lighting is used to provide safety for occupants when they leave the building after dark. Commercial outdoor lighting serves a primary purpose, but it can also be used for decorative purposes. You can achieve this by strategically placing commercial outdoor lights around your commercial structure.

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You could, for example, place the lighting on the ground and then direct it upwards to illuminate your building and the surrounding areas. 

You can also illuminate trees and statues in the same way. This creates a more appealing appearance while providing primary safety. All of these features can be included in your design.

Outdoor lighting for residential use

You are probably busy as a homeowner. You will be able to spend your weekends and evenings enjoying your home.

Outdoor lighting can transform the dark corners of your home into a fantasy world, which will allow the natural beauty of your garden to shine through. This will increase the enjoyment of your time at home.

Landscape lighting can enhance the beauty of your landscape, paths, pools, fountains, and other areas by adding ambiance.

Landscape design that is well placed will add beauty and safety, as well as lighting paths and hazardous areas.

Outdoor lighting is about the type, shape, size, and wattage. Mounting them to protect trees and plants, promote growth, and hiding any wiring or junction boxes are all important considerations.

What to expect from your outdoor lighting designer?

– Meeting to discuss your master plan.

– Next, a site plan is created that illustrates your structures, flowers, trees, and any electrical needs you might have.

-Your designer will then create a formal plan that shows the location of your lighting fixtures.