How To Connect NetSuite Web Services With Java

Unlike other cloud-based ERP systems, NetSuite is a platform for building and integrating other applications. Java is a main programming tool used in business based software development. And this means that we are interested in using Java to connect to NetSuite's Web Services tier.

Java continues to be popular – it is open source, mature, and has a large development community. Java there, unlike the Microsoft .NET development platform. You can find the best Netsuite services with ERP software.

Netsuite services

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The web service is the standard way that modern platforms that expose functionality in a secure way for users to add and process logic. NetSuite acts as a server, and any manipulation, it is the client.

As you may already know, Java traditionally exposes itself as a server, and other applications consume Java. However, we will make a Java technology client that connects to the service NetSuite.

Next, you will need to install Axis, which is basically a tool that allows for the creation of web services-based application server and client-side.

From there, we will use Axis to connect to NetSuite through their WSDL, which is a URL pointer to illustrate how NetSuite exposes all web services.

NetSuite will appear for Java developers as a set of Java classes that have been manipulated like any other object.