How To Select A Dog Boarding Facility For Your Pet In Hillsborough Nc

So you're planning a trip and need to find a clean and safe place to house your pet while you're away. With so many resorts and shelters, how do you choose the right place? Here are some guidelines and questions to ask yourself when choosing a home for your pet.

First, you need to ask if they are after your type of pet. While many places offer shelter for dogs and cats, it can be more difficult to find space for other species such as birds, rodents, or reptiles. Other places may offer to accept them as part of a "package deal" with dogs and/or cats, but make sure the staff there is aware of the specific species and their needs.

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There are many options for dogs and if you check the lists online or in the phone book, you will have plenty to choose from. You can ask friends or family for recommendations, or visit online sites like Local Ads on CitySearch, which not only list features but also provide feedback from past customers.

Narrow down your choices based on ratings and recommendations, as well as the accessibility of the location for you. Now that you have your "shortlist" of options, you should plan to explore each facility the same way you would with multiple questions and work on researching the dog's grooming needs.

Quality facilities usually have strict hygiene and hygiene rules, so the unpleasant odors that can be associated with many cells should be avoided as much as possible. Ask about cleaning and hygiene procedures and monitor the general cleanliness of the facility.