Improve Your Game With These Golfing Tips

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned golfer, everyone wants to improve their game. It’s always nice to shave just a little bit more off of that handicap. If you’re fresh out of ideas about how to improve, try out some of these strange and lesser-known tricks for improving your game:

Keep Your Wrist Hinged Until Release

If you've studied your basics well, you'll know that when you lift, you need to rotate your right wrist back. What most players forget is that they also need to hold this hinge until the end of the shot. This gives you more height and distance. You can also browse

Bend your right knee

When turning and following it, many golfers tend to stick their right foot (or left if left-handed). This forces your body to lift, confusing your entire swing.

See the top of the ball

Most players have a habit of looking at the side of the ball where the racket head hits. This seems logical, but it actually costs your game. You have to pay attention to the top of the ball. This helps you swing the ball "through" instead of just swinging the ball.

In other words, it improves your rebound by ensuring you maintain strong momentum all the way until the ball is shot into the air.

Practice with a soccer ball

If you have difficulty swinging — especially when you hook the ball and can't aim, place the ball between your hands and don't drop it while swinging. This forces your hands into a good swing position.

Hold your finger

Holding the grip by squeezing it between your palms puts pressure on the other muscles in your arm, resulting in poor swing. You should do finger grips (especially left hand if playing with right hand).