Information About Indoor Trees

Due to the nature of trees, they are designed for outdoor use.

Maple is a cold hardy tree and grows in perfect conditions. Who is the best Mother Earth to create the perfect climate. Maples grow in cold climates because they need cold spells to rest and regenerate. This applies to all trees and therefore to bonsai growing in cold climates. Planting wood indoors does not contain natural elements. You can also buy the fiddle fig plant online for  your home to enhance the beauty of your home. 

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First, it lacks light which is essential for growth. There is a lack of moisture, which leads to faster drying of the leaves. The leaves are constantly sweating and moisture helps the process. One thing is that you most likely keep your temperature at least 20 degrees indoors during winter. Trees with cooler climates that require a period of rest after their leaves have fallen require a maximum temperature of 5°C to stop and rejuvenate.

Well, shouldn't the trees need to sleep in the winter? Own. What you have to ask yourself, what climatic conditions can I offer for future trees?

Well, you can start with a constant temperature in the room, maybe hotter in summer. Turn off the lighting and possibly humidity by misting my wood once or twice a day.

So which tree species can live with these conditions under these conditions?

Of course, tropical trees want to have hot temperatures all day long.

This is why tropical tree species grow well indoors.

I have a few tropical trees and keep them indoors in winter, but I always take them outside in late spring. Their growth rate is 10 times faster outdoors due to the abundance of sunlight, humidity and heat.

The tree survives indoors but grows very slowly.