Information About Star Wars Legion

In the highly competitive world of Warhammer Online, starting out can be tough. Coming from somebody who isn’t the greatest gamer in the world, I’d like to help some other people that may not be coming out on top online. 

I’ve been playing since release and I just wanted to share some of the things I’ve learned along the way. For more information about warlord games bolt action via

Star Wars Legion

First, find a good forum to join. The ability to communicate and make friends with the people you play with will not only help you out but make the game much more fun.

1. Undercoat. First, you must apply a thin layer of black undercoat paint. This should be a matt black and is usually sprayed on from an aerosol can.

2. Base Colors. Once the undercoat is dry, using a brush, start to pick out the main areas of color on your figure. This could be armor, skin or clothes. It might also be good to paint darker colors first.

3. Wash Time. Once the main color has been applied and is dry, mix a darker version of the same color (or similar) and water it down so that it resembles ink.

4. Dry Brush. When the wash is dry, which can take some time, it is time to bring out the highlights on the figure. This can be done by using a technique called dry brushing.