Know About The Table Linen Styles And Uses in Los Angeles

During the Medieval and Renaissance periods, tablecloths were an essential part of wealthy households. The edges of the tablecloth were used to wipe the face and hands. Smaller napkins became more fashionable because they were easier to use.

Service linens are table linens used in restaurants and caterers for formal occasions like family dinners, holidays, and weddings. Modern homes lack good quality table linens. Local linen services can provide cloth napkins and tablecloths for a small fee. In Los Angeles, you can also get table linens on rent via browsing this source.


Most table linens are made from cotton or linen fabric. Long fibers make cotton a durable and smooth cloth. Long fibers are also found in linen, which is finer and stronger. Both fabrics can be machine washed and are absorbent. You can also find table linens made from organza, silk, polyester blends, or satin. You can find table linens in many different colors and weaves.

Properly arranged tablecloths for formal events should be at least 10-12 inches in length. The tablecloth can be hung to the floor but not the ground. A casual arrangement is suitable for a 6-8 inch drop around the table’s edge.

Linen services can rent linens, which eliminates the need to clean, iron, and store. Many services offer a variety of linens in many colors, patterns, and fabrics.