Natural Cotton – Benefits of Using Organic Cotton Covers

Organic cotton is cotton that we get out of non-genetically modified crops, which were grown without using pesticides and artificial fertilizers that can wind up in the atmosphere, water, food, and ground supply.

Organic cotton production enhances environmental biodiversity and encourages the equilibrium of ecosystems. All cotton marketed as organic must fulfill exceptional requirements.

Here are some details about non-organic cotton, which makes organic covers more secure:

  • Cotton covers 2.5percent of the world's cultivated land.
  • Conventional cotton uses roughly 25 percent of the term's insecticides.
  • Non-organic cotton uses more than 16 percent of the world's pesticides.

This is the reason why many manufactures have started making cotton covers for beds, especially for babies. To keep your kids safe you can buy organic cotton cover for infants via

The baby can suffer from compounds in clothing since non-organic cotton fabrics can irritate kids' skin since they are also able to bring about neurodermatitis (chemical residues remain verifiable even in the readymade garment). Chemicals utilized from cotton processing interrupt the environment and reduce its biodiversity.

That is why it's extremely important to utilize all-organic organic cotton covers, sheets, cushions, blankets, mattress pads, for you personally and for the beloved (especially kids). Buying natural cotton covers for their playpens, cots, etc can keep them safe and comfortable.