New Types Of Mailers Are A Great Protective Packaging Option!

Mailers are a great way to ship soft goods, as they reduce shipping costs and packaging costs. There are many types of mailers, and they are being preferred over courier bags due to their superior quality and ability to be customized. Mailers can be divided into two categories: kraft mailers or poly mailers. Here is a brief overview of the various types of mailers available and how to choose which one suits your business best.

Poly Mailers:

Poly mailers can be used to ship goods that are not damaged during transit. These products include shirts, hoodies, and dresses as well as pillows and cushions. These items can be placed inside a poly mailer and sent directly. Poly mailers can be used in many ways and are flexible. Poly mailers are very tear-resistant. You can increase the thickness of your mailer to improve tear resistance. You can also customize poly mailers with a variety of printing options.

Poly Mailers

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Kraft Paper Mailers:

Although they are more expensive, Kraft paper mailers can be used to ship small or light items. Small jewelry, fashion accessories, books, documents, and cables, as well as USB flash drives and computer disks, can be shipped in kraft paper mailers. Kraft paper mailers can be stuffed with void fills if you're shipping small glass containers that could break during shipping.

Padded Mailers:

Padded mailers combine the best of both worlds. Padded mailers can have a kraft or plastic paper layer on the exterior and extra padding inside. The inside of the mailer is usually lined with bubble wrap. The padding provides protection for shipping and water resistance. Padded mailers cost less than individually wrapping items in bubble wrap or shipping them in poly mailers.