Pecan Pie Can Be So Addictive

Many people believe pecans came to the New World from Europe, but actually, pecans were here and part of the Indian diet long before the first Europeans set foot in what is now the United States. Nuts such as pecans were a very important protein for Native Americans.

It wasn't until after the French settled in New Orleans that the first exquisite desserts made from pecans were discovered by French settlers growing in the area. A similar praline dessert is made in France but made from almonds and is very different from the pralines that were recently made and sold in the French Quarter of New Orleans. 

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Today you can find tons of pecans turning into delicious chocolate every day and being sold all over New Orleans. One of the most popular choices is the chocolate chip cookie with pecans it is popular throughout the world. 

You'll also find mini walnut pies served all over the world, and mini walnut pies are now hugely popular across many countries. You'll find them prepared in a variety of ways, but one key ingredient that never changes is pecans. 

Some people will tell you they need the freshest pecans for a delicious walnut pie, while others like to peel walnuts, freeze them, then take them out of the freezer and make delicious pecans with pecans. Pecans can be peeled and frozen in the freezer for up to a year without changing their taste.