Steel Pipe & Fittings

Steel is a versatile material used in a wide range of products. It is not only strong, but also has properties that can withstand heat.

Types of steel pipe

Containers are one of the most common applications for steel pipe. It is a versatile material that can be used as a structural support, as well as a thermal barrier.If you want to buy steel pipe then visit

Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings Manufacturers, Suppliers, Factory in India

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What is a pipe fitting?

Pipe fittings are used to join pipes of different shapes and sizes together. They can be metal, plastic, or rubber and they come in a variety of types.

Pipe materials

Steel pipe is a type of pipe used in construction and plumbing systems. It consists of round steel sections, called hoops, that are rolled into a long tubular shape by means of a mill.

When should you use steel pipes?

Steel pipes are commonly used for industrial purposes because steel is strong and durable. You should use steel pipe when you need a strong, long-lasting material that will support heavy loads. Because of its strength and durability, steel pipe is also a good solution for underground installations that can be exposed to corrosive environments.


Steel pipe was invented in the 1800s and then refined into a variety of shapes and sizes. The most common type of steel pipe is the round-pipe, which is used extensively in construction sites and many industries like mining, agricultural, and oil and gas.