Run Criminal Background Check On Any Individual

When looking to hire a company to perform a criminal check, it is important that the searching company meets certain criteria. The first is that the company has a genuine reputation and provides you with the most accurate report available. This means that the company should provide their clients with a guarantee to both the accuracy of their reports and also guarantee the confidentiality of their clients. You can also run a criminal background check via

Your business should also hire a company that has live people performing the criminal check, as compared to merely checking Internet databases for information.

The information on the internet database may be fine, but unless an experienced investigator reviews the information, there is no way to know the age or the accuracy of the information. A good company will employ licensed private investigators to perform all searches and verify the information received.

Another reason to use a company that uses private investigators to perform a criminal background check is their ability to understand variations in the person's name or address. An employee may have the given name of James, but their background may be listed under Jim or Jimmy.

A live investigator will be able to search for variations of the name, and not just return the first item they find. They will also be able to search surrounding states when checking for criminal history.