Adopt Thumb Sucking Preventive Measures for Kids

All children suck their thumb at their respective age, and it is nothing harmful because of emerging new teeth and several other changes they face at the age of around 4-5 after that it needs to be taken care of by parents by adopting several preventive measures.

Preventive measures do not mean that you have to pull out the thumb every time from their mouth but need to follow some rules which help them to quit the habit, visit for various online sources, and methods for (Age 2-7) STOP Thumb Sucking – stop FINGER Sucking – The Hand Stopper thumb guard.

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Some effective and preventive measures are:

  1. Don’t go for a punishment, every time making them stop thumb sucking creates a question as to why they are stopping?

  2. Focus on the reason, why they are sucking? Teach them, guide them through various activities.

  3. Involve them in various activities in which they use hands more such as picking up and dropping off any items.

  4. If you are still facing a problem, ask for advice from professionals who know how to deal with the mindset of a child.

  5. Put a bandage or sock on the hand, to remind them that they don’t have to suck it again.

Thumb sucking habit is just a temporary habit which can be stopped in children when taken into account the following measures on a daily basis, to remind them that it is not good for them now as well as in the future.