Best Australian Wines From The Leading Wine-Producing Valleys

Australia is not only known for its economic growth, coastlines, and vast deserts. In addition, the rich region produces some of the finest Australian wines and is considered to be the best in the world, leading to increased sales of wine online.

Australia is rich in diversity. You see the endless desert and the rich land lined with vineyards. These areas are usually located near major cities and offer attractions of the best vineyards and wineries in the country. Below are some of Australia's best wine districts. You can also surf to find out the vineyards near your location in Australia.

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Margaret River:

268 km from Perth, various wine lovers can explore this place which is 3 hours drive from the city center. The vineyards in the area offer the most delicious varieties such as Sauvignon, Chenin, Chardonnay, Shiraz, and Merlot. You can buy them from retailers that have online wine sales.

Great Southern Territory Of Australia:

The Shire of Denmark is known for its proximity to the sea, but also for its lush vineyards that produce an excellent variety of wines. The resulting varieties are Chardonnay and Riesling. There are currently more than 30 wineries throughout Denmark producing a variety of red, white, sweet, and sparkling wines. 

Barroso Valley:

The region is one of South Australia's most popular wine-producing regions with at least 50 wineries in the area. This is where the Barossa Vintage Festival takes place, where residents and visitors alike enjoy wine at carnivals, jazz shows, church services, and wine workshops. Semillon, Riesling, Cabernet, and Shiraz are the region's top-rated wines.