How to Style Your Sofa with Home Decor Throw Pillows

Are you unhappy with your living room's design? A well-designed sofa can transform your living space into a stylish and sophisticated area. Add luxury home decor and throw pillows to complete the look. Below are some styling tips to help you change the look of your living space.

The number of pillows – A number of pillows will give your sofa and living room a sophisticated and luxurious look. A large sofa will look luxurious if it has at least five to seven home decor cushions.


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You can determine the number of home decor pillows you need by how big your sofa is. Depending on the size of your sofa you may need to have a larger number of pillows. Different fabrics should be used; although they might look different, they should all match. 

Different colors and patterns – It is elegant to mix different colors and multiple prints together. They are also very fashionable. It is easy to mix throw pillows. It is not difficult to choose the right one. They don't need to be matched too closely. 

There are no rules about choosing a synchronized design or the same design for luxury throw pillows. The key is to choose the right group of pillows. You can even search online for more information about home decor pillows.