What Exactly Does the Soil Evaluation Report Tell Me?

If you know what your land’s soil has is priceless. It provides you the foresight to understand what ingredients you want to enhance your soil.

To make sure that the soil has all of the nutrients that are required to develop a healthy and gorgeous yard, you truly require extra details. To get all the additional info on the soil you need to visit a lab providing expert organic soil testing services.

The information that you get from the soil evaluation test, from a personal laboratory is more detailed. It takes about 3 to 4 months to receive your result.

The info that you receive from the soil sample evaluation is just as good as the soil samples you require. You will get the most accurate result if you send at least 4-6 samples out of the front and backyard to the lab.


Ensure that you use clean gear to select the soil sample. The worst thing you may do by mistake is to use a piece of instrument that has rust or some residue on it.

You need a core sampler, trowel, or a scoop to take the soil sample. And do not forget to remove the top 3 inches of soil while you choose your sample for the soil evaluation. 

You can keep the soil samples in a container. After combining the soil sample and mixing it, set it in a container and sent it to the lab to perform a soil evaluation.