Stay Safe and In Control On Your Motorized Scooter

If you need to beat the traffic on your way to work or school and you like a bit of fun in your commute then a scooter might be just the item you are searching for. 

Riding one is not that difficult, but you must take the opportunity to acquire some skills before you reach the open road.

Stay safe!

1. You may need to make your choice of the electric or petrol-powered scooter.

2. Scooter carry bag.

3. A helmet is also a must. Don't ride without a helmet.

Make a grip on the handlebar by positioning one foot onto the scooter decks. Don't stiffen your body a great deal and attempt to keep natural equilibrium. Accelerate smoothly and keep your primary focus on the direction you wish to travel.


Once you are moving you have to keep a suitable position. Don't lean over the handlebars. This can make the scooter quite unstable. Keep 1 foot behind the other and be prepared to break at all times.

Maintain your scooter by rotating the handlebars in the path you would like to shoot and by slightly tilted forwards into each turn.

Do not hold the brakes aggressively but rather squeeze it slowly and gradually squeeze to slow it down or cease. To marginally decrease your rate, take your hands off the throttle.