Why Is Car Registration Important?

The legal requirement to register your car is not only for citizens of the United States but also for citizens of many other countries. A vehicle registration plate, also known as the license plate, is an identification plate that is attached to motor vehicles and trailers.

What is car registration? Car registration basically proves that you have paid all taxes and fees required to legally have a vehicle on the road. 

You must register all motor vehicles you drive on public property. You must pay an annual fee to register your vehicle. You can also Renew Your Vehicle Registration Easily Online.

Drivers could renew vehicle registrations every two years under Michigan House bill - mlive.com

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The registration of a vehicle under the owner's name informs the state that the vehicle is owned and provides the documentation necessary for the issuance of state license plates and tags. A motor vehicle not properly registered can result in a fine or imprisonment.

Each state is different, so they require different documentation when you register your car. The most common documents required are the title and proof of insurance. Some states, for instance, require the bill of sale, VIN number, and/or the reading of your odometer.

The car's title is typically under the name of the current owner. The buyer of a used vehicle takes ownership of the title and is responsible for paying any sales taxes, license plates fees, and transfer fees due to the previous owner.

Many motor vehicle owners view car registration as a hassle, but it is actually set up to protect their rights and ensure that they are protected