The Features Of Bengal Cats

Some features of Bengal cats are as follows:

1. Cashmere Bengals are known for their long, silky hair. This genetic trait is believed to be a result of many cross-breedings of domestic cats that were used in the creation and development of the Bengal breed. Although they are not recognized by most cat registries. Some breeders have decided to make this trait more cashmere. If you want to adopt a Bengal cat from a breeder, then you can visit Bengal Legacy.

bengal cat

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2. Although not all Bengals have a glitter coat, some Bengals have a shiny, glittery coat. This shimmering, sparkling effect is noticeable even in low lighting. This rare trait was first observed in Bengal cats.

Although it looks stunning and dramatic, there is a simple explanation. Random translucent hair shafts in the cat’s coat cause the “glitter”. The shafts reflect and catch the light, making the hair shimmer and shine.


3. The primordial pouch is another trait that the Bengal’s wild ancestry has given to them. It can be found in both males as well as females. The primordial pouch is found on the cat’s stomach and appears as a flap of skin between the back legs.

It is often mistaken for a cat who is overweight or lactating. However, it does have a few biological functions. It may be used to store food, facilitate movement, or insulate internal organs.

These are some of the features of Bengal cats.