The Principles of the Pro Golf Swing

Each golf club is designed with very subtle variations to help you control the curvature, trajectory, and speed of the ball. The golf club is to be used in such a way so that you make consecutive golf strokes.

If you want to learn how to apply the principles of golf swing, then you can have a peek here A professional golf swing will help you develop confidence and consistency in your game.

Here are the two principles of a professional golf swing that will help you hit the golf ball more evenly and result in more confidence on the golf course.

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Principle 1 – Control begins with trajectory and tries to understand the relationship between the head, end of the bat, and the end of the grip until the stick hits the ball. In the golf shaft, these three conditions are allowed to hit the ball. 

The shaft can lean forward towards the target instead of tipping back from the target. Ideally, if you're using a metal or wood golf stick, we'd like the golfer to lean forward slightly as the golf ball moves away from the stick.

Principle 2 –  The club can be in one of three states when the golf ball is hit. It can be open to the finish line, square to the finish line, or close to the finish line. It's important to know that the golf club shouldn't be impacted but slightly exposed.