Tips for a Smooth Home Business Insurance Claim In Ontario

If you need to apply for home insurance, take steps to ensure the process goes smoothly. Provide your insurance company with as much information as necessary to ensure payment. Read the details of your insurance policy carefully when purchasing and double-check the policy before submitting a claim. You can get more details about home business insurance in Ontario via

If the damage is caused by accident, fire, fraud, theft, or vandalism, the first thing to do is to call the police or fire department. There must be a police report and other required documents. Then contact your insurance company and report the problem. Collect receipts and other documents proving proof of ownership.

It is strongly recommended that copies of business records, such as assets and inventory, be kept in a safe place, preferably off-site. You will need access to these documents if your home business suffers loss or damage or a lawsuit is filed against your business.

Has the damage been assessed and repaired by experts as soon as possible? Get at least two or three repair reviews from trusted sources. You usually don't need approval from your insurance company to perform emergency repairs that will ensure the business is safe and operational. Keep in mind that insurance companies will need to see receipts for parts and repair services.

Consider hiring an attorney to prepare insurance claims. Lawyers who specialize in insurance claims know the information regulators need to resolve claims. It's also a good idea to seek legal advice if litigation is pending.