Top 3 Best Digital Marketing Books to Read

Many people who have recently become marketers are asking themselves "What are the best digital marketing books to read?" Here are my top 3:

's digital. I highly recommend it. If you're new to internet marketing, this is a must read.

's Agoraphobia Training. A review of the "complete" Agoraphobia system by Jonathan Pearce. Learn the two steps of Agoraphobia training and get the secret method I use.

"New Media Marketing – How To Build a Web 2.0 Business That Affords You the Freedom to Discover the New Truths That Get Results." The experts at Seed Money have their "Adventures in Exponential Wealth," which is the exact opposite of the "new truth" part. But it is fun!

"Social Bookmarking: Why Everyone Needs It" by Seth Godin. Book Review by Jan Kresge

"DVR – How to Use DVR to Make Email Count." Hosted by Jeff Wilke. In this article Jeff discusses his "instant" DVR tool, which he shares with people on YouTube. That's why I recommend this book.

"Audio Coaching: The Secrets of Creating Podcasts." This book explains how to create audio content, as well as what to look for in podcast creation. It's an example of why it's very important to read some books before starting a new podcast.

"An Introduction to Podcasting" by Tim Conley. This is one of the most popular books on podcasting today.

"An Ebook About E-books." This book introduces readers to marketing with E-books and then goes on to discuss how to make money with E-books.

The list doesn't end there! I encourage you to get hold of one or all of these books as they are filled with information that is vital to getting started in digital marketing. They also provide ways to make money from your ebook if you want to promote other people's ebooks.

Another way to make money with your ebook is to advertise in your eBook, for free. For example, you can write an eBook about how to play guitar, create a video on how to play the guitar, and have banner ads at the end of the video. In the video you can then be able to place your ads, for free, and you can use it as a video marketing strategy.

Before I start promoting any products, I look at what it would take to do, to learn how to make money with ebooks. In each case I've researched, these books will offer the most valuable and important information that's needed to make a good income, and to be successful. So if you're serious about creating wealth, find yourself one of these online marketing books and begin your journey into the digital world.