Use Cedar Shingles in Residential Roofing Materials in Redding

Cedar shingles are very popular and can be found in many homes in Redding. Cedar shingles, also known as wood shakes, are a great roofing material. They are made from western red cedar and have a natural appearance with lots of character. Cedar shingles come in many different styles, including color, width and thickness, as well as wood cuts. 

Wood home roofing materials offer some energy advantages in Redding. The wood helps to seal the attic and allows the house to breathe. A wood shake roof requires proper maintenance. It will not last if it isn't properly maintained. Mold, insects, and rot are all possible. Shake roofs need to be maintained in a well-maintained state. 

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This requires regular cleaning. Wood shake roofs are not rated by fire safety codes. Many people use spray or wipe on fire retardants that offer little protection and last only a few years. However, pressure treated shakes contain fire retardant substances and meet all national fire safety standards. This extends the roof's life.

Because of their fire risk, cedar shingles are losing popularity. Cedar shingles have a royal look, which is something that many residential roofing materials lack. Wood shingles are more difficult than composite shingles. The quality of your roof will depend on how experienced the roofing contractor is and what shakes you use. 

The heartwood from large, old cedar trees makes the best shakes. Due to the variability in shake mill quality, shakes should be carefully selected. Shake roofs are elegant and beautiful. Although they are not without risks and need to be maintained regularly, shake roofs can still be a viable option for homeowners looking for unique residential roofing materials or cedar shingles.