VR Silicone Cover for Oculus Quest

The VR Cover Silicone Cover for Oculus Quest isn’t like the typical silicone covers that you can pick up on the cheap from Amazon. 

VR Cover has chosen to use a medical-grade silicone instead of the cheaper alternatives that are made from oiled silicone. 

Oiled silicone can cause unwanted skin irritations, while medical-grade silicone is unoiled and hypoallergenic, so it's safer for your skin. Either way though, the look and the feel are pretty much the same. You can also navigate to VR Wave for more information about the VR silicone cover for the oculus quest.

Image Source: Google

Installing the cover is really simple. You just remove the faceplate from your Quest, grab the VR Cover Silicone Cover and place it over each left and right side of the stock foam padding. 

It’s very easy and once installed it does look the part as it fits so snugly over the stock foam interface.

The Silicone Cover is a great accessory for anyone wishing to spend little, yet get something simple to install, that protects and enhances the immersion of your Oculus Quest, and feels great on your face. 

If price and simplicity are your things, then you can’t do wrong by picking up a VR Cover Silicone Cover for your Oculus Quest.