What To Explore On Your Negril Jamaica Vacation

Negril is a perfect combination of authentic Jamaican tradition and modernity. Although the city doesn't have a central area, it has four major districts. 

Sheffield Road is the closest thing Negril has to a city center as it is the home of most of the local markets, restaurants, gas stations, restaurants and even a police station. 

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 negril jamaica vacation

Outdoor Recreation

Negril is equipped with a dive platform that allows brave visitors for a dive in the Caribbean Sea below. If you aren't brave enough, you can be able to enjoy watching other divers take a dive off the cliff. 

Snorkeling and diving are very popular tourist activities, and you can also experience a trip to the ocean on a glass-bottom boat.

 Although it is expensive, the gorgeous tropical fish you can view from the glass bottom of the boat makes the trip well worth the cost.


To shop, there are three major places to go. These two places are located in the area of shopping -the Coral Seas Plaza and Plaza de Negril. Another is the tourist marketplace located in the city's outer outlying areas.

 You can find unique items and sellers tend to be willing to bargain. The majority of the top eating establishments are inside Negril's hotels, however, West End Road is an excellent spot to eat Fried fish and chicken Jerk. If you're looking for traditional Jamaican food, visit Sweet Spice on Sheffield Road.