When Is It Time to Have Your Brakes Serviced In Edmonton?

The brakes are one of the most crucial components of your car. Fortunately, it's not difficult to tell when your vehicle is in need of a professional brake inspection. There are several things that will let you know it's time to get your brakes serviced.

If you experience any of these symptoms, it is best to have your car checked by a brake pads repair & replacement specialists in Edmonton.

Some other symptoms you may notice include:

1. Soft sponge or brake pedal

2. Extra hard pedal

3. Strong vibration when braking

4. Continuous grinding of brakes, even when not in use

5. Brake warning light stays on

6. Pull or grab one side

7. Impulse brake pedal

8. Cracking sound when braking

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Any of these signs is a good sign that it's time for a professional investigation. Brake tests are often free and can be done during the waiting period. When you take your car for inspection, you should report your symptoms to a help center.

This additional information is useful in making cost estimates for repairs and ensuring that all your problems are resolved. The technician will test the car on the road to make sure the diagnosis is correct.

Here's how a technician can help you:

Once the car is in the garage, technicians disassemble the brakes to inspect the rotors, drums, and other brake components. If the brake pads are worn, the brake discs are often damaged and need to be replaced.

If the rotors are still functional, they are machined to give the rotor a new smooth surface. Machining the rotor is usually a less expensive option than replacing it. The technician will also check the brake lines for cracks and potholes.