Why Choose Organic Cotton T-Shirts Online?

A t-shirt that feels soft and comfortable is something that everyone would love to wear. People will often search online for 100% cotton t-shirts because they are guaranteed to be made from cotton. The environmental impact of 100% cotton t-shirts is the only thing most people don't know.

Yes, cotton production is a major pollutant to the environment. To produce enough cotton to make t-shirts online, cotton plants need a lot more nutrients. Large cotton farms use a lot of fertilizers to ensure that cotton grows. To repel insects, they also use many pesticides. You can buy the amazing range of wholesale next level apparel, T shirts & clothing from blankstyle.com.

Pesticides can temporarily be used to control pests in the cotton fields. After prolonged exposure, pests and weeds develop an immunity to these chemicals. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the number of pesticides used. The number of fertilizers and pesticides used will only increase over time.

Cotton fields need plenty of water to grow, and that is in addition to using toxic chemicals. It may be hard to believe, but it takes approximately 3,500 liters to produce one pound of cotton. The excessive cotton irrigation is causing the Aral Sea, Russia, to dry up.

These numbers may seem grim, but there's still hope for cotton t-shirts manufacturing. Organic cotton is the best option. This type of cotton is grown with natural methods such as animal manure, and no synthetic fertilizers. Organic pesticides are derived primarily from plants, and not chemicals that can cause cancer.