Why You Should Drink White Tea?

Millions of people enjoy green tea and black tea every day. Oolong tea is somewhere in between these two and is quickly gaining popularity. But what is white tea exactly?

Understanding how different types of teas are made is the first step to understanding white tea. The mature tea leaves are fermented to make black tea. This is the standard for many homes around the globe. Green tea is not fermented during the production process. Oolong is somewhere in the middle. It ferments during production, but not as much as black tea.

White tea is, however, picked before the leaves have reached maturity and are not fermented. The leaves are still not fully opened when they are picked. It is also covered in fine, white fuzzy hair. This is how it got its name. If you want to purchase white tea, then you can search the web.

white tea

It has only been minimally processed by the time it reaches you. It has a distinct and delicious taste due to its low processing and age. It has a sweet, light aroma and flavor. It does not have the bitterness or grassy taste of green tea.

White tea is more expensive than other teas and more difficult to find. It is a great choice for tea and well worth the extra cost. It is used in important ceremonies and celebrations due to its rarity and cost.

This is the best tea for improving your health. It is the most healthful tea in the world. It has more anti-cancer antioxidants than any other tea. Antioxidants can also slow down the aging process, keeping skin looking young and supple.